Welcome to My Journey

Welcome to My Journey

Summer Goals

Summer Goals

Summer is upon us!!  Although it does not officially start until June 21st, after Memorial Day we are all in the summer mindset.   This is one of my favorite seasons for many reasons.  The first one, I am a teacher so of course, I love having my summers off.  (I am already off!  May 25th was my last day!). So this means I can spend a lot of time at the beach, at the pool, and just have “me” time.  I am starting to make some plans here and there, but there are a couple of goals I know I want to accomplish.  These are mostly fun goals, summer is all about having fun, but I still have some health goals as well.


  • Be outdoors as much as possible!- Living in Florida I do spend a lot of time outside.  I love sitting on my back lanai drinking coffee, watching birds, and listening to nature.  During the weekends we have most of our meals outside, even in the rain. This summer I want to be outside of the outside.  I have already taken many walks with my dogs, and even by myself.  I have been exploring more with meditation walks which are really relaxing.  There is nothing better than being outside.

  • Spend time with friends-  During the school year, life gets so hectic.  Trying to plan a get together is sometimes difficult.  This summer I want to spend time with my friends that I don’t normally see.  I also want to spend time with friends I do see.  I like getting out of the work environment and we can just be ourselves, not teachers.  Spending time with friends is therapeutic and very healthy.  Being around people you enjoy means there will be a lot of laughing going on.

  • Read as many books!-  I absolutely love to read.  At work once in a while, we have an all staff professional book that we HAVE to read.  I am the nerd that is so super excited about it.  This year I even volunteered to teach one of the chapters.  I love reading about things that will make me better at what I do.  I also love to read fiction books.  Usually, I find an author I like and just hit their books throughout the summer.  I just finished reading a non-fiction book about meditation, so if anyone has any suggestions for some fun fiction, please let me know.  I’m ready.

  • Cooking new recipes-  I really enjoy cooking things that I have not tried before.  In the summer I have a lot more time to cook and try new things.  The first couple of summers Luis and I were married he would say, “I love this summer wife, I get a 4-course meal for dinner!”  I have calmed down a bit since then, but I do love it.  I also want to dabble more in vegan desserts.  I always see these crazy recipes online about making a dessert with sweet potato and avocado.  I want to see what these are all about.  If anyone has any amazing recipes you would love to share, please let me know.

  • New workouts-  My husband and I were just talking about changing up our workout routine at the gym.  It is a good idea to change things up, this way you don’t get bored with what you are doing, and your muscles don’t get used to the same activity.  I am excited about trying different things with barbells and dumbbells and kettlebells.  There are so many things to try.

  • Visit beaches I have never been to.  Flordia has so many different beaches everywhere on both coasts.  When I first moved here I would usually just go to the east coast and go to a few of the same beaches.  Then we discovered our love for the west coast, and that is where we always go.  Recently I have been hearing people talk about these beaches and islands that I have never heard of.  So this summer, it is my goal to visit as many new places as possible.  Perhaps I will find a new favorite.

  • The most important thing I want to do this summer is to spend more time with family-  Wheather is it my family, or Luis’s family, we are all family.  I should and will make this a priority throughout the year, but summer is the best time for me.  Spending time with family is so important because we don’t know what tomorrow or next week, or what next year will bring.  Last summer I spent a lot of time with my mom.  I was able to take care of her and just have great conversations with her.  I am forever grateful for that time.

These are my main goals this summer.  I am sure a couple more will be added on to this list.  While I’m typing I am also thinking cleaning is a big goal.  My spring cleaning was not really finished, so on rainy days, I can clean my closet, under my bathroom sink, and other things.  Although with all the rain we’ve had in Florida already, my house should be sparkling.

I would love to hear about your summer, week, or month goals.  You all inspire me and give me great ideas.  I appreciate all your feedback!

Awaken Your Inner Self,