Welcome to My Journey

Welcome to My Journey

Getting On Track

Getting On Track

Trying to begin a new way of eating is a lot of work, it can get overwhelming at times.  However, if you are really trying and really wanting to, it is worth the time and effort.  Here are some things I have learned about eating healthy:

  1. Give yourself a cheat day.  In the beginning, you might need one or two.  This way, you won’t feel bad or give up if you eat something unhealthy.  Since eating healthy is not a diet, but a way of life, it is going to take some time to get used to.  This does not mean go crazy and eat as many bad things as possible.  This means, have some dessert, eat some chips. Just make sure you do so in moderation.

  2. Do not go to the food store hungry.  Everything will look delicious and your body will make you think you NEED that junk food.  People ask us, “How do you not eat junk food in-between meals?”  Simple answer- don’t have it in the house.  Which brings me to the next step.

  3. While in the grocery store, try to stick to the perimeter of the store.  In their book, “Veggie Mama” the authors Doreen Virtue and Jenny Ross, explain this really well.  The perimeter is where the fruits and vegetables are.  This is an important section.  In many stores, this is also where seeds and grains are.

  4. Create a menu for the week so when you go to the grocery store, you stick to the list as much as possible.  This will help when it comes to cooking each night as well.

  5. Simply put, food prep is essential.  This is time-consuming, but you will thank yourself throughout the week, especially if your week is hectic.  My husband and I try to have Sunday evening as our “prep” day.  We do our shopping either Friday after work, or sometime on Saturday.  Pick a day that works for you.  It does not have to be the weekend, this is when we have the most time.  Prepare as much food as you can ahead of time, this includes breakfast and lunch.  Eating healthy lunches for me, means I need to have a plan.  This is also a good time to prepare salad dressings to use throughout the week.  Prepping little stuff like this helps save time later.  Don’t forget to prep your snacks as well.  Having a prepared snack will help you not to eat whatever is near you when you are hungry.  We enjoy our food prep time because it is more time to spend together.  Put some music on in the background and make it fun.  If you have little ones, include them in the prepping.  This will make them excited about eating it.  Prepping will also help avoid going out to eat more.  I am not saying going out to eat is bad, but cooking and eating at home means you know what you are eating and what is in the food.

The more you do these steps, the easier it will get.  I like coming home from work knowing what I am making for dinner.  My husband likes it too because he does not have to hear me complain that I don’t know what to make, or we have nothing to eat.

Let me know if you try any of these steps.  Also, let me know if there is something different or more than you do to prepare your food for the week.

Check out the book, “Veggie Mama” below.

Check out a FREE meal planning printable and a printable to set some goals.



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