Welcome to My Journey

Welcome to My Journey

2. How It All Started (Part 2)

2. How It All Started (Part 2)

Our experience of eating less meat did not seem to be so bad.  I did notice my stomach aches were not as frequent.  When I did get them, I knew to think about what I ate that day or days before.  It did seem that eating meat would trigger my stomach pains.

During our journey of educating ourselves, my husband and I started thinking about our family’s health history.  On my side, I knew my family had some cancer and high blood pressure.  On Luis’s side, there was cancer, which at this point his mom was really sick with.  He also has a history of diabetes throughout his family.  During our dating relationship, he always joked with me about not living past 50, because that was just how it was in his family.  When his mom did die from cancer at 50, this concerned me.  I was not ok with Luis not growing old with me.  I knew we had to learn more about living healthy and trying our best to not follow in our family’s medical footsteps.

So we researched some more and starting learning about juicing.  We saw and heard all about the power of juicing from watching, “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead.”  So, we bought ourselves a juicer.  (We still love the NutriBullet!)  Even as I sit here and blog, I’m drinking the juice!!

We started juicing some fruits and vegetables and we were hooked.  It took us some time to find the right combinations of what tastes good together, but that was the fun part.  I like to stick to my learned rule, if it is too veggie strong, just add some apple and it makes it tastes better.

Awesome juicer, we use this one.

This juicer is a bit more pricey, but it is known as one of the best juicers! Click the links to check them out!

I also started to read the book, “The Juice Generation.”

This book was and is amazing. I have two copies of this book, one softcover and one on Kindle. I call this my juicing bible. If you are interested in juicing, or not sure what juicing is about, I recommend this book. It is filled with so much great information. It explains all vegetables and fruits and what health benefits they have. It distinguishes the difference between juicing and blending, and why both are ok. I’m telling you, this is a fantastic book.

So this was the beginning of my Journey to Juicing, and I hope it will be yours.

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